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Verlyn Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer (from Houston, TX)

Verlyn is currently a Certified Family Partner (CFP) with the Harris Center in Houston.
She is currently the Chair of the local Disproportionality Advisory committee, as well as the Chairperson for the Statewide Parent Collaboration group for the Deptartment of Family Protective Services, where she is actively involved with policy changes. She is also on Via Hope’s CFP Advisory Council ensuring policies are up to date regarding CFPs. She is an active family representative on the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Subcommittee. Previously, Verlyn was the Family Lead at Heart of Texas Klaras Center for Families.

Verlyn is a strong advocate on social change for families. She is a student completing her doctorate. Verlyn is an avid note taker, whether she is taking notes for memory purposes or taking notes for business. As a CFP, documentation is a major part of her work.

“Taking notes is what I do. Have notepad, and pen will travel”

Verlyn Johnson
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