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Donna Fagan

Policy Lead (from Seguin, TX)

Donna is a Certified Family Partner (CFP) with Bluebonnet Trails Community Centers,
She has a strong desire to see that families’ needs are met so positive changes can
happen and families can lead their best lives possible. She wants to see family voice
included in decision making at all levels of government, local, as well as state.

Donna began the CFP Coalition in 2017 as a way to keep family partners up to date on legislative issues relating to family partner services. She has represented TxFVN at the Texas State Capitol, educating legislators on the role and importance of family peer support. She drafts position papers for TxFVN on family voice and family peer support issues. Donna stays apprised of current legislation and policies daily as they relate to families and has a desire to collaborate and share this information with other family leaders.

Donna currently serves on the state Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (BHAC) as a family representative and Policy and Rules subcommittee member. She also serves as a BHAC representative on the Children and Youth Behavioral Health subcommittee.

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