Texas Family Voice Network (TxFVN) welcomes all family members who have an interest in the role of family within children’s behavioral health. Members are committed to supporting children with serious mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. We strive for diverse membership to help spread the positive messages that children with any form of mental or behavioral health difficulties can build upon their strengths to help become resilient and successful in their everyday lives.

We would love for you to join us and become a member of the Texas Family Voice Network today to raise awareness on behalf of families of children with mental health or behavioral health concerns. Individual memberships are at no cost to the member.

Membership Options

  • Individual Family Member: Texas resident family member who is committed to supporting family voice. Individual family members will represent diverse families with lived experience of raising a child with mental, emotional, and/or behavioral health challenges. These members will strive to attend the quarterly meetings held in Austin.
  • Affiliate Member: Anyone who is interested in being on the TxFVN distribution list to obtain information and participate in general information sharing provided to the Network, meeting summaries and updates, regardless of state residency. This member has no voting privileges.
  • Stakeholder Advocate: Individuals who support and advocate for family voice in a professional manner, however may or may not have the personal lived experience of raising a child with serious mental health, emotional or behavior challenges. These individuals believe in the mission and vision of the Texas Family Voice Network and want to support its efforts.

For any questions or assistance with submitting your application, please contact us.