Remembering Stephany Bryan

Stephany Bryan

It is with such deep sadness the Texas Family Voice Network announces the death of Stephany Bryan, one of our founding family members and dear friend, who passed away Sunday, February 14, 2021 from COVID-related complications.

The loss of this champion of families and their children with behavioral health and/or trauma challenges is devastating. Her wisdom and insight had a huge influence in sustaining the Texas Family Voice Network. She was always an encourager in providing hope, modeling resiliency and the art of family leadership for each of us. Her passion was contagious. 

Stephany was a pioneer here in Texas, as well as nationally, for peer support. She was always advocating the advantages  lived experience can have in assisting toward wellness and positive outcomes, whether for an individual or their family.  She used her own personal lived experience to shape many of our lives and countless others. Her legacy will live on in the Texas Family Voice Network as we strive to elevate family voice in all aspects of children’s mental health program & policy development. 

Stephany once said “There was a time that I had become so convinced that the system knew what was best for my children and me, I had forgotten that my children and I were really the experts. With a lot of hard work and commitment we have experienced systems and individual change. Keep the Hope alive.”

Well said Stephany!! You will be missed!

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